Alcohol-free drinks

Consumption of alcohol-free drinks, water-based as well as based on different kinds of soft drinks, are a part of our lifestyle. Every country and every community has its own consumption habits and flavour preferences. Geographical mobility and the desire to maintain their lifestyle has led to products being available in places that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

At the same time, quenching one’s thirst or in a social event with some drinks will be entirely different according to the needs of each group. Under the generic concept of functional beverages (e.g., for sportspeople, special nutrition needs or for controlling calorie consumption), the market offers new products every day, and this is an opportunity for many manufacturers in the most dynamic markets.

As a result of our presence in emerging markets, in Cosmos, we are anticipating this demand and can offer flavours and recipes for different types of drinks, perfectly adapted to the tastes of each community as well as functional beverages of all sorts, of course.

Here in Cosmos, we know a lot about concentrates, juices and fruit purees, natural colourants and their stability problems, vitamins and mineral salts, stabilizers for drinks and sweeteners, the changes that take place with each type of pasteurization and interactions with containers. We are also up to date with all the legal requirements for soft drinks, but we know that in a market in which the consumer has a lot to choose from in any segment, flavour will be a decisive factor in their choice.

With all this information, we can suggest and collaborate in innovative proposals adapted to your market, regarding the concept of the drink, its flavour and cost, all backed by our experience, which allows us to offer prototypes without long surveys or complicated stability tests.

After water, carbonated drinks are the largest segment of the refreshing drinks sector (the popular gaseosa (soda), cola drinks, orange or lemonade). In Cosmos, we have an extansive range of flavours, for these typical applications as well as for others such as Premium tonic water, bitter, or ginger, where good taste is our goal and our raison d'être.

In this wide range of possibilities for carbonated drinks, in addition to flavours and emulsions, we can also offer our clients other ingredients they may need for their drinks or, if they prefer, we can help them to search for and choose them.

Non-carbonated beverages are the focus of the greatest innovation and new market trends. When a consumer wants naturalness, the characteristic flavour of fruit or vitamins, non-carbonated drinks are what they choose, with a balance between pleasure and nutrition, they are fully integrated into our diet or specific nutritional needs.

In Cosmos, you can find proposals for the latest market trends, such as tea, coconut water or vegetable-based drinks.

With the extraordinary rise in popularity of low-calorie drinks, followed by energy or sports drinks, no company can contemplate launching a new drink that does not provide some kind of functionality, either as a source of elements necessary for the body, recovery after an expenditure of energy or to modify your mood.

To regulate the composition and publicity of these products, the EC has established mechanisms for authorising new ingredients and advertising on healthy properties of the products.

Cosmos can collaborate in the design of your functional drink; we have expert nutritionists who can offer advice on composition as well as legal experts to advise on claims and labelling.

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