In Cosmos, we use all our experience and all our enthusiasm to create flavours that are an accurate reflection of nature, of our creativity and the capacity to understand our clients and work with them. We foster collaboration within a framework of absolute confidence, transparency and confidentiality.

Within the different aroma possibilities, we choose the best option for our clients and bear in mind the different lifestyles, individual market trends, product positioning and everything else that can contribute to the success of the drink, which, in short, is our clients’ and our own success.

To achieve this, we have a wide range of natural, artificial or FTNF flavours resulting from our more than 50 years experience. These flavours are continuously renovated and expanded year after year.

The evolution of society and its values tend to consider what is natural as healthier and more desirable. This natural demand is also a legal requirement in the aromatisation of many food products and there are stringent rules on the use of the term natural when labelling products. Our technical specifications clearly define the labelling of our products on food, and in addition, our legal department can offer guidance on compliance with regulations in each specific case.

Apple, strawberry, anise, orange, gin, mango or passion fruit… Cosmos can offer you a wide range of natural flavours for most drinks, both for those that only intend to provide pleasure (soft drinks, liqueurs, wine-based products), as well for those in which the nutritional aspects are the most highly valued by the consumer (drinks with high juice content, functional, vitaminized).

Beyond naturalness, when the focus is on the origin, there are flavours called generically FTNF (100% extracted from the same species of fruit). They are obtained from fruit extraction and concentration procedures and are produced at the same time as concentration.

Spain is a country producing a great variety of fruit, and Cosmos has agreements with important fruit processing companies to provide us with the raw materials for our flavours.

In 1876, Karl Reimer synthesised vanillin from guaiacol and this was the beginning of the use of substances derived from chemical synthesis to manufacture flavours, which up to that time had been an almost hand-crafted activity based on extracts from aromatic plants and species and from that moment was to become a great industry developing parallel to the food industry.

Synthesised flavours have the advantage of their high purity and lower cost in comparison to natural flavours and, in addition, they have all passed a toxicological evaluation process that is regularly reviewed according to criteria defined by the EC, EFFA and FDA.

The history of Cosmos began a little later, but we can offer the best options for synthesised flavours and natural flavours complemented with synthetic to find the best value for money to make a project more competitive.

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