Monks studied Infusions and maceration of aromatic plants in alcohol or wine in monasteries and pharmacists from the 19th to the mid 20th century. They created many liqueurs wit digestive and aperitif properties, which were offered to the nobility of the time. Many of their recipes remain the same today.

Italy was the birthplace of many of these drinks, such as the “amaros”, but in any European country we can find delicious drinks make with mixtures of plants, such as “Chartreuse” in France, “Becherovka” in Bohemia, “Jägermeister” in Lower Saxony or “Kümmel” in Russia.

All manufacturers say their original recipes are closely guarded secrets, and we do not doubt that, but our aroma specialists have studied a large number of aromatic plants one after the other, we have optimised the extraction processes of their main ingredients and we create the right mixes to offer a wide range of natural extracts for many kinds of drinks.

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