Cosmos Aromática Internacional

We are one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of flavours for the food sector, with more than half a century of experience designing and making products.

We have grown together with our clients, sharing joys and successes. Unforgettable moments that have enabled us to progress and mature, not only as companies but also as people, leading us to create excellent ties based on professionalism, transparency and mutual trust.



The company was founded in 1952 by Aurelio González González, and called COSMOS AROMAS Y SABORES, after several years dedicated to commercialising aromas in Spain. The ownership of the company is the same as when it started, and its capital is still 100% Spanish and belonging to the family. During all this time, it has been focused on offering its products –more than 10,000 references– to food companies in all sectors. Initially focused on the field of soft drinks, the activities were expanded later, gradually incorporating sectors as diverse as liqueur, aperitifs, dairy products, ice cream, chocolate products, confectionary, cake making and perfumes, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, animal science, etc.

The current installations were built in 1965 in L’Ametlla del Vallès, grouping different production premises and offices located in Barcelona.


Our vocation is to collaborate with our clients beyond simply designing flavours and drinks, and we can verify the appropriateness of your installations for making new types of drinks, offering complete information on the parameters and analytical methods to control the raw materials, water treatment or microbiological risk. We can accompany you in the industrial trials and stability tests for new products or analyse options for reducing costs in drinks ingredients.


We have modern laboratories at the disposal of our clients, equipped with all the necessary resources, in addition, in the field of marketing our products, we have information of all the launches carried out by the most important companies such as analysis of market trends in every country or geographical area.

Integrated quality and food safety policy

Since our origins we have been committed to the quality of our products and service to our customers looking for a long-term relationship that allows us to achieve both satisfaction of our clients as well as our collaborators.

New Corporate Image in 2005

For more than half a century, our Company was represented by the flower “Cosmea Bipinnata” whose eight petals were the proud witness of our history up to the end of 2004. From 2005, our emblem looks upwards, as a symbol of our aspirations and ambitions, and with the same enthusiasm as this rejuvenation, we continue striving to offer our best services.

New motto in 2007

Our new motto is “Flavours for Life”. This is a tribute to a life dedicated to aromas, a life devoted to the food industry, a life where everybody that has collaborated with us has left an indelible mark. In short, a tribute to those who have helped us to make a dream come true. A dream began by the founder in 1952 and which endures in the new generations of collaborators, clients and friends of Cosmos.

New strategy in 2008

In 2008, based on our plans for the future, we adopted a strategy of specialisation in the drinks sector, in the area of soft and other non-alcoholic drinks, as well as liqueurs and wine-based drinks.

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